• Great customer service. Cabinets arrived quickly and were very easy to assemble. I could not find similar quality RTA Kitchen Cabinets at lower price anywhere else.

    Joseph C. (Cleveland, OH)

  • I was skeptical about buying kitchen cabinets online but after speaking with Eugene and receiving cabinet samples I decided to buy Cream Maple rta cabinets from Craftsmen Network. I enjoyed the high end features that these cabinets offer. Total price was about 30% lower than big box store quotes.

    Sandra P. (Tucson, AZ)

  • Free shipping made all the difference. Cabinets are great and assembly was easy. I can't wait when we finish our kitchen renovation.

    Kevin S. (Gainesville, FL)

Kitchen Design

Kitchen design is the starting point in your remodeling project. We can help to get your project started by offering free design assistance. Just fill out the form below to provide us basic information about your project. If you already have the design and need to make some changes of simply receive a quote email or fax us the design.

Email: design@craftsmennetwork.com
Fax: (866) 599-8157

Design Form

Involving the heart of your home where almost everything in a day's living is done and accomplished, Kitchen Remodeling, is truly a beneficial venture to undertake. As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail. And in your renovation, one of the essentials is the Kitchen Design.

There's nothing more amazing than seeing your idea of a beautiful and functional kitchen actually take form. Craftsmen Network takes advantage of technology to make this possible for you and all other homeowners wanting to spruce up their homes. Now, coming up with a reliable plan can be done even without having to spend a luxury on hiring interior designers and architects. Yes, the best thing about this is, we are offering customers free kitchen design.

The all-encompassing functions that kitchens serve have made them, undoubtedly the most frequented areas in your home. Basically, it was where people prepare and cook food as well as dine but now the modernity in technology and lifestyle paved way to a multitude of other ways for the family to enjoy the new hub of homes. From a grand venue for entertaining and impressing guests, a comfortable place to catch up with friends, an intimate space to enjoy quality time with family, or simply to crash and do homework while indulging in all treats you can devour out of the fridge - all these activities and more can be enjoyed with a successful remodeling project. And to get you closer to an efficient completion, Craftsmen Network offers to take you a leap ahead through a free kitchen design.

When it comes to coming up with an efficient Kitchen Design, there are various elements to consider. To start, how far are you willing to go when it comes to changes as well as costs? Determining whether to go major or minor when it comes to remodeling would be one of the biggest and very first decisions. Answering this would help us establish the things that should be included in the Kitchen Design.

No matter how big or small the changes you plan maybe, it is important that a balance in form and function is achieved. Our free kitchen design ensures not only beauty and a welcoming appeal but also a functionality to match.