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Roofing Calculator

Approximate Roof area Sq/ft
Roof Type
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Age of Property
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Roofing calculator helps you to calculate any project on roofing. The cost of the project changes according to the materials used, roof size, slope of the roof and the complexity of the roof. Roofing calculator will help to make out the cost differences, so that you can plan better. This calculator contains all the information such as hiring skilled professional with experience, tools, compensation of workers and insurance. The statistics applies to New England Region of US and need some adjustments in other parts of US like New York.

To use roofing calculator first you have to measure the building’s length and breadth. To get accurate roof measurements easily, you have to go around the house and then ground measurements can be taken from below the roof. You should not forget that the roof has to be extended from the walls of the house by a foot, thereby you can use the actual roof edges, which are known as overhangs of the roof.

You should not take just the measurements of the house walls because only those measurements won’t help you. You have the record the measurements for every section of roof in feet. After taking the ground measurements of the roof, you can take the statistics of the roofing pitch. Roofing pitch is also known as slope which shows the steepness of your roof. There are several ways to figure out the roofing pitch. One way is to go to the local hardware shop and buy a pitch meter, which can be used to take an estimate of the roofing pitch.

One more way is that to look at the roof and think whether you can walk on this roof easily. The pitch is low if you think that you can walk easily. The roofing pitch is medium if you think that you are taking chances to walk on the roof. The roof slope is steep and is not possible to walk, if you consider walking on the roof as suicidal. After figuring out the roofing pitch you have determine the type of the roof. To determine the type of the roof, count the number of sides by simply looking at the roof.

The roof is gable type, if the roof has two sides connected with a straight ridge line. The roof is a hip roof if the roof has four sides and is considered as more complex. The hip roof also requires extra material for roofing as there is a wastage of ten percent materials.

The main point you have to take care is more complex the roof, more the raw materials used are wasted. The cost will increase if the roof has lot of dormers, hips, changes in slope, valleys etc. If the installation process takes a long time to complete, then the cost will be extra.

The roofing calculator also consists of common roofing materials as well as premium ones. Common roofing material for slope roofs is conventional asphalt shingle. Flat roof uses conventional material like EPDM, rubber, TPO, modified bitumen and other systems. The premium roofing materials are Slate, Clay Tiles, Cedar Shake and Metal roofing. Installation of premium roofing requires special skills and experience. So ensure that your contractors are capable of doing this kind of roofing, if you want premium roofing for your home.