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Interior & Exterior Painting Calculator

Approximate surface area Sq/ft
Interior or Exterior?
Paint Finish
Type of Paint
Age of Property


Walls of your home always need to be look good, cleaned and new. In New York City there are various contractors who’ll help you in keeping the walls of your home neat and clean. If the walls of your home are clean and painted properly then only they will look attractive. Color and type of paint are also important factors in the paint calculator.

Another important thing you should look for, is the quality of the paint. As paint is done inside as well as outside on the walls it must not affected by dust or rain. It simply means the paint you use on the walls should not get stains of water and dust on it if there is rain. The neat and tidy look of the walls leave a great impression on the minds of the people and your home always seems new. There are various paints, the cost of which varies as per their quality.

Lead based paint. A lead based paint is basically a health hazard as it is a highly toxic metal. A lead paint can cause a lot of health problems. It affects young children more than adults. When lead is absorbed by the body, it may damage the brain too. Deteriorated lead paint mixes with the household dust and soil and becomes more toxic.

Painting Masonry

When we remove some wallpapers from the wall there is always some damage beneath the wall. So, sometimes it is necessary to have a painting on the wallpaper. You must not paint the whole room immediately but before that you must try for a small surface on the wall. This surface area must be smooth and in good condition too. You will have to scrub the wall with a damp sponge, so that the whole wallpaper and dust get’s removes from the wall.

Exterior painting

Before you start to paint your house, you will have to look for the weather forecast also as it must not be raining, when you begin the painting process. Always try to avoid the extreme hot and extreme cold too for painting. There is every chance that the exterior paint of any house will get spoiled soon, as the exterior of any building structure is exposed to all kinds of extreme weathers and the paint used must be such that, which can withstand all kinds of weather.

Exterior Stain

If you are using wood and you want to keep its natural tone safe, then the best option you have to use exterior stain, as it is used to preserve wood siding. Do not make hurry, first of all make sure that you have got the right color of exterior stain for your home. Solid color or opaque stains have less pigment then regular paint, but more pigment than a transparent paint. Exterior stain is an inexpensive way of painting. Your calculator should differentiate in color and stain.