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Flooring Installation Cost Calculator

Approximate Project area Sq/ft
Type of Floor
Existing Floor
Age of Property
Desired workmanship level


If you are looking for renovation of your home and you are living in New York, NY then you must contact a contractor and discuss your each and every need with him. There are various factors, which will the affect the cost of renovation. For flooring calculation first of all you will need to mention the dimension of the home. Size as well as shape, both will affect the cost because it depends on the area you are working with.

Another thing to be discussed is that, what material you would like to have on the floor. There are various things which have different costs according to their quality. These things may be ceramic tiles, wood flooring, repairing tile Grout, carpet, faux finish your flour, installation of Kronotex, laminate flooring and many more things.
Ceramic Tile

If you want a material which is very much durable as well as attractive then ceramic tile is best option for you. These tiles give you the look as you want not only in your room but in your kitchen also. There are various things you will have to think about before you proceed further. If you want these tiles on your walls as well as on the floor, then you must do the walls first. These are the basic principles you must keep in mind. It is little bit expensive and its cost depends on the look of the tiles. Maintaining a floor with tiles is very much easy; hence you need to ignore the cost.
Wood Strip Flooring

Wood strip flooring is less expensive in comparison to a tile floor, but it requires more maintenance as well as more care. Although a wood strip flooring is a traditional solid wood product, but there are various other products which come under soft wood category. Your flooring calculator is calculated per square meter.
Repairing Tile Grout

Some times your old tiles break, sometimes you just feel they have become old and the show of your entire house is lost due to this and so you feel you very much need to repair them. This task of repairing is very much easy and inexpensive. In New York there are various contractors who repair cracked tiles. Repairing a tile is not too much time consuming. It depends on the amount of grout to be repaired.

Although all carpets are not very much expensive, but some are. You can get the carpet in your room at a nominal cost too, but the main thing what you need to keep in mind is its maintenance. You should look after that, there should not be any stain on the carpet, since stains on the carpets give a shabby look. Carpets give an attractive look to the floor. You must keep in mind that a carpet needs huge investment, as you need to treat the strains immediately when they occur. If you treat them carefully then they will look new for a long period of time, but of course this process is expensive.